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Thursday, April 15, 2010

No Surprises There!

What does your health insurance company and a Quarter Pounder with Cheese at the local McDonald's have in common...besides a vested interest in the state of your coronary arteries????

Turns out more than meets the love handles. A study just released by Harvard Medical School in the American Journal of Public Health, confirms what we have suspected all along....your health insurer is in it for the money, not your health. Notably, researchers found that 11 large US/European-based insurance companies own ~ $1.9 billion in stock in the five largest fast-food companies (including McDonald's, Burger King, and KFC/Taco Bell) as of June 2009. These same researchers found last year that 7 insurance companies held ~$4.5 billion in tobacco-company stock! WHAT?? That seems to me to be quite the double standard.

Shocking, yet predictable. The sad part, it is quite an effective way to invest if you ask me. They make money off of you during the fattening-up phase and then charge higher premiums to insure your fat-self when you seek out their insurance.

To steal an applicable line from The Italian Job: "I trust everyone. It's the devil inside them I don't trust." -John/Stella Bridger

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