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Friday, April 8, 2011

Social Programs, The Federal Budget, and Your Future Health Coverage

This post is to celebrate **cough cough** our government's new budget deal this weekend.

Ever wonder what is devouring up our tax dollars to the tune of 5+ trillion dollar debt (last I checked, though admittedly this number could be drastically higher)? Would it suprise you to find out that currently 76% of it goes directly towards paying just FOUR governmental expenditures?!

1) Social Security
2) Medicare
3) Medicaid
4) Paying down our national debt

What's even more suprising? The expected percentage of budget projected by the Governmental Accountability Office prior to tonight's deal.

Prepare yourself...


Imagine looking at your family budget and realizing you have 8% of your monthly income left after paying your debtors, your health insurance, and your retirement. Doesn't compute. You'd be homeless, starving, and naked in less than one month's time!

Here's a perfect illustration of the deep financial problems facing our gonverment without budget and social program reform.

Currently Medicare provides services for every individual over 65 years of age or about 47 million Americans. Medicaid services are extended to an additional ~46.8 million. In fact, according to the U.S. Department of Labor's National Compensation Survey, only about half (or 162 million) of the nation's current population has commericial insurance. With an ever-aging population and an ever-expanding lower class, Medicaid/Medicare numbers will only continue to expand rapidly.

So why make it on my medical blog? THIS BUDGET DECISION AFFECTS ME AND IT AFFECTS YOU! Just looking at one issue, healthcare, and you will see that at the current expense rate, america cannot sustain/afford this system of health coverage. Unfortunately, when Obama healthcare package goes into effect, it will only further centralize insurance coverage and place greater burden on the federal budget. Please, read my post last year on Obama's plan for more information on that subject.

This is meant only to bring this remarkable information to your attention. I hope it astonished you as much as it surprised me.

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